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Hops for the Holidays- The Load Out and Wachusett Brewery (Day 1)

The last day of work before Christmas break is always one of complete boredom/cookie gluttony/and clock watching.  Yes, there is work to do but campus is empty and everyone is itching to get going somewhere for the holidays (i.e. not … Continue reading

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Red Stripe….Jamaican for gross.

My honeymoon further established the fact that I’m officially a nose-in-the air beer snob.  I couldn’t for the life of me manage to finish a while Red Stripe, or a Carib either.  I think I drank maybe a few sips … Continue reading

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Hops for the Holidays: Day 1-December 24th

When I boarded the plane to Manchester, NH last week, I had no idea what to expect weather-wise or beer wise.  I had written previously about what I would like to drink while on this three state (Massachusetts, Vermont, and … Continue reading

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