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Highlands, Nano-Distilleries, Brew at BU, and other junk.

I have pretty awesome neighbors where I live in the Highlands.  To me, the Highlands are perfect and I couldn’t ask for any place better to live in our current life situation (see also: no kids, good/semi-flexible jobs, young).  To … Continue reading

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PBR’s Plump Pumpkin

 As a child, I associated Halloween with candy and trick or treating.  I think I was a Chicago Cubs player for 5 straight years.  In college, I had some of my best costumes.  I was a Hooters waitress.  Wearing this … Continue reading

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Brew Review 10/29/10: Stouts

I’ve been debating on how to actually format this part of the blog, but I am a little different from some other blogs when I drink my beer and take notes.  Up until this point, I only took mental notes…now … Continue reading

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