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Wax on, wax off.

I think my fascination with wax sealing came from living in Louisville and being around the sweet heaven which is known as Makers Mark whisky (notice the missing “e”, yea that’s right, Kentucky.).  So after thinking about logos for my … Continue reading

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Kelvins Kilt Ale- Four Roses bourbon barrel aged

The original Kelvin’s Kilt Ale was the first beer brewed in our new house (we’ve officially been homeowners for a year now) when I got tired of tearing stuff down and working on the house.  Working on the house never … Continue reading

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What I drank last week 11/12/10

Last weekend and afterwards involved more bourbon and moonshine than beer.  Ended up taking a few sips of my buddies dad’s moonshine.  With a hint of butterscotch, it gave the perfect warmth to a cold night.  It truly was a … Continue reading

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Semper Fi Sarge

  Coincidently, I am putting up the recipe and tasting for my Semper Fi Sarge (Imperial Stout) on the 235th birthday of the Marines.  I wanted a big strong stout that had a bite to it, one that after a … Continue reading

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Kelvin’s Kilt Ale

 Studies show that within a few seconds individuals can fall in love or become attracted to each other.  I think the same type of thing happens with people who enjoy craft beer.  From across a room, you can tell if … Continue reading

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