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Obligatory Christmas Post

It’s Christmas, b*tches.  It’s my most/least favorite time of the year.  It’s an excuse to put on a few pounds and do everything in excess.  Oh, another piece of fudge, don’t mind if I do!  Another beer, hell yes, it’s … Continue reading

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$42 bottle of beer on the wall…

$42 for a beer is absurd.  Granted it is a bomber (220z), but that’s a lot of money for a single beer.  A shit-ton (a standard measurement on the Balkan Islands) to be exact.  My friend Paul had forwarded be … Continue reading

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Louisville Beer Store and my other favorites make the news!

http://leoweekly.com/news/keep-louisville-local-raising-bar It’s kind of sad, but hopeful that Kentucky is 47 out of 50 states in microbrew scenes.  If it wasn’t for all those listed in the article (especially Roger Baylor, Lori & Tyler, and Paul Young), I wouldn’t have … Continue reading

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