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Haulin Oat’s: A beer for the 2011 Bourbon Chase

Our stunning logo.  Our bourbon barrel version of John Oates.  Special thanks to Blake Whitney for this awesome-ness. I’m currently on week 2 of 10 for my Bourbon Chase mustache .  Sadly, I need to grow a beard first and … Continue reading

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What I drank last week 11/12/10

Last weekend and afterwards involved more bourbon and moonshine than beer.  Ended up taking a few sips of my buddies dad’s moonshine.  With a hint of butterscotch, it gave the perfect warmth to a cold night.  It truly was a … Continue reading

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Semper Fi Sarge

  Coincidently, I am putting up the recipe and tasting for my Semper Fi Sarge (Imperial Stout) on the 235th birthday of the Marines.  I wanted a big strong stout that had a bite to it, one that after a … Continue reading

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Kelvin’s Kilt Ale

 Studies show that within a few seconds individuals can fall in love or become attracted to each other.  I think the same type of thing happens with people who enjoy craft beer.  From across a room, you can tell if … Continue reading

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