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Wisconsin trip, stop at 3 Floyds, and THUNDERFOOT!

So last Friday was my 29th birthday.  In the past year, my homebrewing has taken off, I’ve integrated into the beer community, and actually starting aging beer.  Oh, I think I started this blog as well.  I guess that’s worth … Continue reading

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What I’ve drank Mid-Summer Edition

Sadly, I’m not a fan of summer beers.  I don’t like beer known as summer wheats.   I’m an anti-wheatite. Sam Summer tasted too much like lemon pledge this year and just kind of made me go away from summer … Continue reading

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Russian Imperial Stout tasting with the boys from justdrinkbeer.com

I know one of the first things I thought about when we bought our house was, “now where can I set up a bar or a place to drink my beer at, possibly watch sports, and relax?”.  We are guys, … Continue reading

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The 1st Kentucky Beer Derby

The Kentucky Derby has come and gone.  The hotels are now empty and the streets are not blocked off anymore.  A sigh of relief can be heard all over Louisville, but with every sigh comes the thought that summer is … Continue reading

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What I drank during April, yes the whole damn month.

Yes, the whole damn month, minus a handful of New Glarus singles and some random things here and there like Founders Double Trouble  and other things I probably had while I was out to dinner over the month. It’s been … Continue reading

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Dark Lord Day Tickets go on Sale this Saturday, March 19th!

Breaking from their traditional sale on March 17th, 3 Floyds Brewery has decided to put their Dark Lord tickets up for sale on Saturday, March 19th.  At what time? We don’t know, midday we are told.  Here are things that … Continue reading

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What I drank Thanksgiving to 12/17/10

Too much has been going on and I’ve fallen behind…so here is a little selection of the oddities from Thanksgiving to 12/17/2010.  3Floyds Alpha Klaus  Alpha Klaus is their December release beer, which makes only two seasonal released left for … Continue reading

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Two new spots in two days: Holy Grale and BBC on Main

Let the holidays be merry.  To quote my buddy Miller, “It’s the holidays man!”.  Interpreted as, eat and drink whatever the hell you want.  So we have.  This week has been packed with things going on: a birthday party Tuesday, … Continue reading

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Hoptical Attusion

The reason for writing notes after brewing a beer are to learn about what you could have done to make it a better beer.  It also give you notification not to add this-and-that if this-and-that combined tastes like horse piss.  … Continue reading

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What I drank last weekend 11/5/10

Harvistoun Old Engine Oil I know I need to do it more, but I very rarely cross the Atlantic Ocean to drink my beers.  I guess I don’t consider myself knowledgeable enough yet to spend my money on their beers and … Continue reading

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