Homebrew Recipes.

Here are some homebrew recipes, or at least the ones who have proven somewhat tasteworthy.  Note that my hydrometer broke during some of my brewing and I got lazy and just chose drinking the beer rather than determining what it’s SG was.  So it’s kinda like grab-bag beer…but I like my beer on the strong side.  I should be more resilient in what I write about my recipes and tasting it, but I’m not. I just drink it.

Ball and Chain IPA (Imperial IPA)

Hopkinton IPA (IPA)

Red, White, and Lou (Witbier in Red Wine Soaked French Oak)

Kelvins Kilt Ale (Bourbon Barrel Scotch Ale)

Something Blueberry (Blueberry Ale)

Burnt Cookie Stout (Oatmeal Raisin Stout)

Summers in Boston (Summer Wheat)

Hoptical Attusion (Imperial IPA)

PBRs Plump Pumpkin (Pumpkin Ale)

Sarge’s Semper Fi (Vanilla Bourbon Barrel Imperial Stout)

Awful Waffle (Maple Brown Ale)

Norris Farmer’s Breakfast ( Coffee and Chocolate Milk Stout)

Dead Cat (Belgian IPA)

$20 or Death (American Barleywine)

McKinley’s Bloodline (Imperial Red Ale)

Doubleheader IPA- Day & Night(Imperials IPA)

Kelvins Kilt Ale II- Four Roses Barrel aged

Semper Fi Sarge II- Ray’s Return

Barley Legal & Crickets Bitter End- Barleywine and ESB

Haulin Oats: Hall & Oats 2011 Bourbon Chase Beer  – Oatmeal Stout

Plumpkin Pie Ale- (Pumpkin Ale)

Highlands Harvest- Wet Hop Ale

Bourbon Bear-Ale Brothers Porter

Fruitcakes in the Kitchen

 Semper Fi Sarge III- Russian Imperial Stout aged on cacao, maple syrup, Jamaican coffee, and Four Roses barrel oak.

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