The Goose is Officially Cooked.

This picture can have a lot of meanings with the announcement below.

Thanks to for this tidbit on Goose Island this morning…and here is Goose Island’s website announcement.

Funny this comes out the week I am heading up to Chicago for my bachelor party.  I had already picked out to head over to Goose Island after the Cubs game on Saturday to get some good craft beer.  I might re-think that.  The words “sell out” come to mind.  It makes me not want to purchase Goose Island in the future because I feel they gave into the pressure and the money of the bully looming over their shoulder (even if it can expand their growth).  Sure, you might expand your growth with AB, but newsflash, bigger growth doesnt mean better beer, Budweiser still tastes like the horse piss from the Cyldesdales.

The buyout will inevitably increase their sales, but I think they will lose some business along the way.  The same business that helped them become the prominent Chicago-land brewery that it has today.

Just like geese in a park, we are just left with one thing to say, “shit”.

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