Dead Cat (American IPA with Belgian Yeast)

I have a love/hate relationship with my cat. I hate the fact it shits so much. I love the fact it likes me more than Ashley.  I hate the fact she tries to run outside.  I love that she goes nuts with a laser pointer.  I hated when we came home from Christmas vacation we suddenly realized she took out her feline aggressions on our bar stool (we had covered the couch and chair to prevent that from happening to the ‘big ticket’ items).  Rather, her calico furry ass jumped on the bar stool and went into a rampage.  I love the fact I had to re-apolster the seat as well.  I was puzzled as to what to actually name this beer that I but the inspiration was Raging Bitch by Flying Dog…so why not Dead Cat.  Because if it happened again, well, you know. I actually like the cat, I’m happy to say she is a rescue and we prevented her from being #23 of the cat lady’s collection.

Date of Initial Brew: 12/5/10

Type of Beer: American IPA with Belgian Yeast (Raging Bitch Clone)

Name of Beer: Dead Cat

Extract or All Grain:  All-Grain

Grains used: 10lb 2 row, 2lb pilsner 2 row, 2 lb Crystal 60L

Hop Schedule: 1 oz Warrior (60), ½ Amarillo (45), ½ Amarillo (30), 1 oz Columbus (30), 1 oz Amarillo (burn out), 1 oz Amarillo (dry hop)

Spices Used:

Yeast: Wyeast Belgian Ardennas

Original Gravity Temperature and Reading: 1.075 @ 68

Secondary Fermentation Date: 12/12/10

Specific Gravity Temperature and Reading: 1.016 @ 65

Bottling Date: 1/1/11

Final Gravity Temperature and Reading: 1.016 @ 65

ABV%: 7.74

I’ve only had this beer a few times honestly.  I’ve been waiting for it to “get there”.  It’s carbonated now and doesn’t taste half bad, just not at the point I want it to be yet.  As Ashley said “not my favorite”.  I’m gonna give it some time to sit a little bit and mature and hopefully time will take its course.  It just hasn’t got the hop kick that I want it to have yet. Crap.  Will update again…

Cat 4 Sale

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One Response to Dead Cat (American IPA with Belgian Yeast)

  1. Beau says:

    Being that I rescued a cat this summer (and named him after a brewery), the cat comments now resonate with me and made me laugh quite a bit. Hopefully the beer turns out well and the cat doesn’t do much more damage.

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